ROLE CALL: Jet Li Sees Green

Is Jet Li the next Bruce Lee? According to Daily Variety, the Hong Kong martial artist is in talks to star as Kato, the karate sidekick to green-masked superhero Green Hornet in Universal’s big-screen adaptation of (what else) “The Green Hornet.”

Besides Li, no one else — neither writer nor director — has been named in affiliation with the project.

SECRET AGENT MAN: Matt Dillon is tapped to join the cast of “Miss Congeniality” that includes Sandra Bullock and Michael Caine, trade papers reported today.

Dillon will play a tough FBI agent whose duty is to train FBI cohort Bullock in the art of being an undercover cop when she infiltrates a beauty contest.

The flick is set to roll in front of the camera next month.

HUNK WATCH: “Third Watch’s” Eddie Cibrian is set to co-star in “Say It Isn’t So,” The Hollywood Reporter reports. Produced by the Farrelly brothers, the film involves a bachelor (Chris Klein) who falls in love with a woman (Heather Graham) whom he mistakenly thinks is his sister. Cibrian will play Graham’s wealthy fiance.