ROLE CALL: Jolie Gets Famine Relief

First Winona Ryder snagged Richard Gere in “Autumn in New York,” and now Angelina Jolie is doing the older man-younger woman romance thing. Variety reports that Jolie is in negotiations to star with Kevin Costner in “Beyond Borders,” a forthcoming Oliver Stone movie about — get this — a romance between international relief workers. It’s a role that was previously offered both to Catherine Zeta-Jones and Meg Ryan, both of whom declined.

Variety says Jolie, who last was seen in “Gone In 60 Seconds,” was drawn to the “high-minded material.” She’s currently filming “Tomb Raider.”

NO FIBBING!: Roberto Benigni brought humanity to the Holocaust in “Life is Beautiful,” and now he wants to do the same for wooden marionettes.

The Oscar winning actor-director has announced that his next film is a live-action version of “Pinocchio,” in which he will co-star with his wife, Nicoletta Braschi.

“For the last 20 years, maybe since I was born,” Benigni told Variety, “I’ve been wanting my nose to grow. Finally while lying in bed, thinking, I felt as if someone had taken my hand. It was Pinocchio.”

WILSON WORKS: Owen Wilson, he of “Shanghai Noon” fame, will get a $2 million-plus payday to star in “Zoolander,” a comedy directed by Ben Stiller. The film is about Derek Zoolander, a fictional male supermodel character that Stiller created for the VH1 Fashion Awards.

But that’s not all. Wilson’s also lined up two more gigs: “Behind Enemy Lines” with Gene Hackman, and “Meet the Parents” with Stiller and Robert De Niro.