ROLE CALL: Leo Woos Cameron

Presidential inquisitor Leonardo DiCaprio may have found his Hillary Clinton, so to speak. Cameron Diaz, late of that mess that is “Charlie’s Angel’s,” is in talks to costar opposite Leo in “Gangs of New York,” Daily Variety says. Martin Scorsese‘s big-budget ($80 mil) gangland drama is due to start shooting in August. “Charlie’s Angels” should be long wrapped by then. Should be.

OPENING “DOORS”: Meg Ryan, who played against romantic-comedy type as a hippie in Oliver Stone‘s “The Doors,” will play against romantic-comedy type in the Stone-directed drama about international relief workers, Variety says. “Beyond Borders” costars Kevin Costner.

THE CABLE GUY: Ex-“Chicago Hope” star Peter Berg, whose late mental-ward drama “Wonderland” drew cable-esque (i.e., minuscule) ratings for ABC, has inked a two-year deal to develop drama series for HBO where minuscule ratings are acceptable and sometimes laudable.