ROLE CALL: Life After ‘Boys Don’t Cry’

What’s the perk of directing a critically acclaimed, Oscar-winning movie? Answer: It guarantees you at least a couple more directing gigs thereafter.

Kimberly Peirce, who cowrote and helmed “Boys Don’t Cry,” has inked a two-year production contract with New Line Cinema, trade papers said today.

The first film produced under the deal is said to be an untitled murder mystery based on a true story. It is to be directed by Peirce and cowritten with her “Boys Don’t Cry” writing partner Andy Bienen.

Actress Hilary Swank won this year’s Best Actress Oscar for “Boys Don’t Cry.”

GOING ‘BLONDE’: Daily Variety reports that Matthew Davis of “Urban Legend: Final Cut” fame might star opposite Reese Witherspoon in the comedy “Legally Blonde.” The film is about a stereotypical blonde (Witherspoon) and her social-climbing ambitions. Hmmm … is this “Election 2”?

WHERE’S WINONA? The Hollywood Reporter says that Winona Ryder will make a cameo appearance in the upcoming Al Pacino flick “Simone.”

REPORTING ON HECHE: Actress Anne Heche is in early talks to play reporter and TV celebrity Dorothy Kilgallen in a Showtime flick, the Reporter tells us.

THE ‘SALVAGE’ PROJECT: “The Blair Witch Project” co-director Dan Myrick will helm the post-apocalyptic flick “Salvage.” He will team up with actor-writer J.D. Shapiro on the project.