ROLE CALL: Monsieur Malkovich

John Malkovich is going transnational.

The “Shadow of the Vampire” star has signed on for the title role in the French film “And Now Ladies and Gentleman,” a love story about a gangster and barroom singer, Daily Variety says.

And if there’s any doubt whatsoever to his linguistic skills, the thespian will take on the role of the gangster while the barroom singer part will go to French actress Patricia Kaas.

Jada Pinkett Smith THE SMITH FAMILY: The “Ali” biopic is turning into a family affair for star Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

According to The Associated Press, Mrs. Smith has signed on to play the first wife of the boxing champ (played, of course, by Mr. Smith) in the big-budget flick.

IT’S MILLER TIME: No, not that Miller. Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Arthur Miller will be making his first big-screen appearance in the film “Plain Jane,” The Hollywood Reporter tells us. The movie, starring Oscar-nominated actress Samantha Morton, is an adaptation of Miller’s short story “Homely Girl, a Life” about the daughter of a Jewish immigrant.