ROLE CALL: Pacino Needs Sleep, Fiennes Needs Drugs…

The remake of the 1997 Norwegian film “Insomina” has awakened Al Pacino‘s curiosity.

The actor has committed to star in the Warner Bros.’ psychological thriller, which is being directed by Christopher Nolan. Principal photography is scheduled to begin April 12 in Vancouver.

Adapted by Hillary Seitz, the story revolves around a police officer (Pacino) who accidentally kills his partner during a murder investigation in a small Alaska town. The suspect in the murder case blackmails the officer into pinning the murders on an innocent person, but another female police officer begins to unravel the truth.

Pacino is currently shooting the indie feature “People I Know” with Kim Basinger and Ryan O’Neal.

GOING CRAZY: Ralph Fiennes (“The English Patient“) is set to star as a brillant paranoid-schizophrenic in “Fear Itself,” a psychological thriller produced by Wolfgang Petersen (“The Perfect Storm“). In the story, Fiennes’ character uncovers a that leads to the White House, but he finds it difficult to get anyone to believe him.

Because his latest film, “Beyond Borders” co-starring Angelina Jolie, was brought to a halt by the production company, Mandalay Pictures, Fiennes is one of the few A-list actors available for work before the potential Writers Guild and Screen Actors Guild strikes this summer.

BLAMING PIAZZA: Universal Pictures has bought the comedy spec script, “Go To Hell, Mike Piazza,” from first-time writers David Rotman and Ryan Oxford. Ben Stiller (“Meet the Parents“) is attached to star and produce with his production company, Red Hour Films.

The script is about a hot dog stand owner, Remy Thompson, a childhood friend of baseball great Mike Piazza. Thompson blames the sports star for everything that has ever gone wrong in his life, and when a game show gives him the opportunity to try out his impressive slider in a charity game against Piazza, Remy has a chance to even the score with his longtime rival.

Stiller will be seen in the upcoming Paramount Pictures film “Zoolander,” which he also directed.