ROLE CALL: Russell Crowe a $20 Mil Man?

What does Russell Crowe have in common with Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey and Harrison Ford?

Answer: The “Gladiator” roughtrade might soon be making the same type of cash as those A-list leading men.

British Web site Popcorn reports that Crowe has been offered a cool $20 mil for the lead in a new World War II project titled “Giant.” If Crowe accepts the role, the salary offer will be his career high.

Directed by John Frankenheimer (“Reindeer Games“) and penned by Dan Gordon (“The Hurricane“), the film’s slated for a January start date.

ROBIN PLAYS ‘DEATH’: Daily Variety reports that Robin Williams is close to taking the lead in “Death to Smoochie.” He’ll be playing a costumed children TV star (a la Barney) who seeks vengeance after being replaced by another character. The comedy will costar Danny DeVito, who’ll also serve as director.

LUKE GOES ‘BLONDE’: Luke Wilson, who has the coveted duty of playing Cameron Diaz‘s lover in the upcoming “Charlie’s Angels,” will costar with Reese Witherspoon in “Legal Blonde,” according to Variety.

BATES TAKES BAIT: The Hollywood Reporter says that Kathy Bates might join Kevin Costner in the thriller “Dragonfly.” The film is about a bereft widower (Costner) who believes that his dead wife is trying to communicate with him. If talks go well, Bates will play his neighbor.