ROLE CALL: Samuel L. Jackson Fights Fire

Samuel L. Jackson is going to be flaming hot in his next project.

The character actor, whose latest flick “Unbreakable” with Bruce Willis is coming out later this month, might star in “Truck 44,” The Hollywood Reporter says.

In the film, Jackson will play the leader of a group of New York firefighters with grand theft in mind.

KING OF THE ‘CASTLE’: “The Contender” director Rod Lurie is in talks to helm the psychological drama “The Castle,” the Reporter says. Robert Redford and Mark Wahlberg are also in talks to star in the picture about an imprisoned general who rallies the inmates in a mutiny.

SMELLS LIKE BACON: Daily Variety reports that Antony Hoffman, whose directorial debut “Red Planet” bowed just last week, is eyeing a story on the LAPD Rampart corruption scandal as detailed in a New York Times Magazine article as his follow-up project. No writer has been attached to the project yet.

FROM ‘JACKASS’ TO ‘DICK’: MTV personality Johnny Knoxville, who you might know as the star of the music empire’s newest reality series “Jackass,” might star in the romantic comedy “Life Without Dick,” the Reporter says. The project will team him up with Sarah Jessica Parker, who falls in love with a hit man (Knoxville) who’s hired to kill her boyfriend.