ROLE CALL: Settling the ‘Score’

The two faces of Don Corleone may be reunited in the upcoming crime drama “The Score.” Daily Variety reports that Marlon Brando is in negotiations to co-star alongside Robert De Niro in the Frank Oz-helmed project. Also starring in the film is Edward Norton (“American History X“).

Brando and De Niro last appeared in the same movie as the younger and older faces of Corleone in “The Godfather: Part II.” Their collaboration on “The Score” marks the first time they will appear together in the same scenes.

The story involves a young con played by Norton who seeks out De Niro‘s veteran thieving skills to pull off one last heist. Brando will play De Niro‘s fence. Shooting on the Mandalay/Paramount project is set to begin in late April in Montreal.

AH-NULD SEEKS ‘DAMAGE’: Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed up for action in “Collateral Damage,” a story about a man who hunts down the terrorist responsible for the bombing murders of his wife and child. According to Variety, “The Fugitive‘s” Andrew Davis is the assigned director on the Warner Bros. project based on a spec script titled “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

‘TURNPIKES’ HEADS FOR THE EXIT: The Kelsey Grammer project “New Jersey Turnpikes” has been directed to the off-ramp. Universal Pictures has put the brakes on the basketball comedy, a mockumentary about a fictional team during the last days of the American Basketball Association in 1975.

Grammer stars in director Bryan Buckley’s 1998 film as the general manager of the worst team in the league. Other stars in the film include Robert Conrad, Lee Majors, Jim Brown and Orlando Jones.

Variety reports that the studio has pulled the film off its schedule and is putting it up for sale. The studio’s also decided to rename its Norm MacDonald comedy to “Screwed.” Other titles tossed around: “Ballbusted,” “Pittsburgh” and “Foolproof.”