ROLE CALL: Trinity Ready For Trilogy

It’s amazing what a $171 million blockbuster can do for your career. A few years ago, Carrie-Anne Moss was toiling in straight-to-video movies and TV shows such as “Models Inc.” This week, she’s under contract for two upcoming sequels to “The Matrix.”

Word comes today from Variety that Canadian-born Moss will reprise the character of Trinity — a role in which she was so good, she even had us believing that Keanu Reeves was a messianic hero.

Meanwhile, Moss also co-stars with Tom Sizemore and Val Kilmer in the upcoming “Red Planet:; with Burt Reynolds in “The Crew“; and with Guy Pearce in “Memento,” which debuts next month at Cannes.

As they say, a rolling Moss gathers no … oh, forget it.

DECONSTRUCTING HAIRY: Fresh from his self-deprecating roles as a ponytail-wearing, New Age-swishy guy in “High Fidelity” and his turn as an astronaut in the fast-forgotten “Mission to Mars,” Tim Robbins will star with Patricia Arquette in “Human Nature,” a comedy about a woman covered with (yuck) body hair. The screenplay is by Charlie Kaufman, who wrote “Being John Malkovich.”

I WANT MY MOMMY: The Australian invasion of Hollywood continues. Frances O’Connor will play Haley Joel Osment’s mother in the cast of Steven Spielberg’s next film, “A.I.,” which will also star Jude Law, according to today’s Hollywood Reporter. No word on whether Osment — who reportedly wanted Julianne Moore to play his mom — is disappointed.