ROLE CALL: What a Bunch of Rock Heads

Nothing like bad taste to make you some bucks. The Rock — aka the World Wrestling Federation guy from UPN’s “Smackdown!” -– is in talks to star in two films: one a good guy/bad guy flick, and the other, an untitled big-budget sci-fi flick, today’s Daily Variety says.

But wait: There’s more: Variety says the wrestler will get about $5 million per pic.

For your viewing pleasure, Mr. Rock (real name: Dwayne Johnson) is also hooked up for the sequel to 1999’s action-horror hit “The Mummy.”

STILL GOING STRONG: Today’s Hollywood Reporter says Gene Hackman is negotiating to star in the drama-actioner “Behind Enemy Lines.” Directed by commercial director John Moore, Hackman will play a veteran Marine who, along with a young Navy pilot, must fight to survive after they’re stranded in enemy territory.

Reese Witherspoon

GOING BLONDE : Resse Witherspoon is in final talks to star in “Legally Blonde,” a comedy about a young blonde trying to shed the baggage of her hair color by going to law school.

GOING MAFIA: Another item courtesy of the Reporter: Mira Sorvino is in early negotiations to star in “Wisegirl,” an indie film about three waitresses who work in a mob-owned restaurant.

GOING PRIMITIVE: Greg Kinnear is in negotiations to join Ashley Judd in the comedy “Animal Husbandry.” He’ll play the boyfriend of a woman (Judd) who champions a certain dating theory based on the animal world.

GOING METEORIC: Josh Hartnett, last seen playing a high school lothario in “The Virgin Suicides” and will next be seen playing a WWII hero in “Pearl Harbor,” is in talks to star in the comedy “40 Days and 40 Nights.” Hartnett will play a heartbroken guy who vows to be celibate, and then falls in love.

GOING CABLE: Variety tells us that Spike Lee, Danny Glover and Pam Grier have committed to the Showtime cable flick “3 A.M.” Lee is to co-executive produce the cable movie, while Glover and Grier are tapped to costar in a story about the lives of three cab drivers.