ROLE CALL: What Will Willis Do?

It must be tough being a big Hollywood star. The choices you gotta make. Sheesh. Take Bruce Willis. There’s an amusing article in today’s Hollywood Reporter saying Bruno is now scoping out the next film project he’ll do after finishing “Bandits,” which he’s working on now.

Will it be “Hart’s War,” with Edward Norton? Or will he take over for Richard Gere as the leading man in Adrian Lyne‘s “Unfaithful?” Will he go with Revolution Studios (as everyone seems to be doing these days) and take “Man of War?”

We’ll keep you informed.

BACK TO EARTH: Daily Variety says director Brian DePalma, whose last flick was the dud “Mission to Mars,” is staying put on this planet for his next film, “Femme Fatale,” about a woman dealing with a checkered past. Uma Thurman might star.

TO BE, OR, YOU KNOW: We can’t wait. Mel Gibson is going to direct Robert Downey Jr. in a stage version of “Hamlet” in New York and possibly also in Los Angeles. They’ve scheduled a reading on Sept. 30 in New York to attract a “star-studded cast,” says Variety.

HOOKING CHEADLE: The cast of the forthcoming flick “Swordfish,” which already includes John Travolta and Halle Berry, has just added the services of Don Cheadle, the Reporter says.