Rolling Stones land vodka tribute

The Rolling Stones have landed a major vodka tribute, courtesy of celebrity fan Dan Aykroyd. To mark the band’s 50th anniversary, the Blues Brothers star and his partners at beverage company Crystal Head have dedicated a limited edition glass skull bottle of their acclaimed vodka to the group.
The fearsome head, designed by acclaimed artist and sculptor John Alexander, comes in a black case with “The Rolling Stones Fifty Years” and the band’s famous tongue logo emblazoned on the front.
Aykroyd says, “We did this because we felt we had to celebrate the Stones’ 50th anniversary. Keith (Richards) is a friend of ours and and this was something we did to just recognise the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world.
“We have our award-winning vodka, we have CDs that were picked by Mick (Jagger)… He picked live performance tracks.”
But not everyone in America can get their hands on the Stones package, which comes with a glass stopper for the bottle that features an etching of the Stones’ logo – it has been banned in New York state.
The actor explains, “It’s because New York state has these laws… They (lawmakers) don’t like people selling liquor and putting incentives in… They don’t like, sort of, value added things.”
Not all the Stones will be sampling their new vodka – guitarist Ronnie Wood is sober after successfully battling alcohol issues throughout his career.