Roman Polanski Abuse Victim Describes How Anjelica Huston Nearly Stopped Her Ordeal

The woman Roman Polanski abused as a 13-year-old girl has described how
actress Anjelica Huston almost interrupted the moment the director had unlawful
sex with her.

Polanski has admitted having sex with SAMANTHA GEIMER in 1977 in the
Hollywood home of JACK NICHOLSON, who then lived with his girlfriend Huston.

Geimer now claims CHINATOWN film-maker Polanski had spent months taking naked
photographs of her after promising to make her a star.

But she alleges the situation turned brutal after he gave her powerful
sedative Quaaludes and took her to Nicholson’s property to take more

Polanski reportedly whisked her into a bedroom to molest her, and during the
terrifying episode Huston became suspicious and hammered on the door, only to
be assured the pair were merely completing a photo session.

Geimer, now recalls, “Even though I protested and said no, I didn’t want to,
I didn’t know how to stop him.

“Thank God I had had sex before because it would probably have been more
damaging if I’d been a virgin. I just wanted it all to be over as quickly as possible.

“Once I got to the car he noticed I was upset because I was crying. He said something like, ‘Are you alright? What’s wrong?’ I think he was surprised that there was someone around who just might not want to have sex with him.”

Polanski was celebrating last week after successfully suing Vanity
magazine over a 2002 article, which claimed he tried to seduce a Swedish
model shortly after the murder of his actress wife Sharon Tate in 1969.

Polanski gave evidence at the London trial via video link from Paris, France
to avoid extradition to America.

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