Rosanna Arquette Still Upset About “Playboy” Spread

Movie star Rosanna Arquette still fears posing for sexy photo shoots after one
beach session for a respected travel magazine ended up in men’s monthly

The actress was posing for Traveller magazine with revered portrait snapper
Burt Stern when she agreed to bare all for him.

But she had no idea the shots would end up in a 1990 Playboy, with her on the
cover. She recalls, “I was in a bathing suit in Florida with Burt Stern, the great
photographer who shot Marilyn Monroe on the beach with a sweater, and we smoked
a joint and the bathing suit kept coming off in the water and I just ripped it
off and was very comfortable with being naked.”

But then she saw the Playboy spread: “If anything, they’re not even great
photographs, they’re ugly photographs. They stenciled the Playboy bunny on my
T-shirt…so we sued them.”

Arquette insists the spread was particularly embarrassing because she first
saw it when she was on her way back from Disney World with then-boyfriend Peter
Gabriel and his young children.

She adds, “Suddenly I’m, like, there on the cover… It was in the stands. I
had no idea. The relationship broke up right after that, not because of that.”

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