Rose Byrne: ‘It was too soon for a surprise comeback by Louis C.K.’


Rose Byrne has criticised her former co-star Louis C.K. for springing his comeback on an unsuspecting audience.

The disgraced comedian controversially appeared onstage at the Comedy Cellar in August (18), 10 months after his admission last November that he had masturbated in front of several women, prompted by an expose in the New York Times.

In the wake of the accusations, entertainment company The Orchard cancelled the release of his film I Love You, Daddy, which also starred Rose. And in an interview with the publication, the 39-year-old Bridesmaids star was critical of the comic’s decision to spring his comeback on the comedy club’s audience.

“It’s too soon for him to have a surprise one, that’s for sure,” Rose told the New York Times when asked about the comic writer’s controversial return. “I think if he’s going to show up, just let everybody know so then they can make a decision, like, ‘I don’t want to see this guy – I’m out.’”

The actress also insisted that some of the blame lay with the industry’s gatekeepers, who give people the chance to have a comeback.

“They’re actually really powerful,” she said. “I would like to see them being held accountable a little bit more.”

Rose and Louis‘ shelved film, which also starred Chloe Grace Moretz, centred on a television writer who becomes disconcerted after his teenage daughter is seduced by a much older film director.

The actress plays a movie star who argues it’s no big deal if adult men date underage girls, and Rose shared she was intrigued by I Love You, Daddy’s “really weird, dark story”, recalling she had “had a very respectful experience” of working with Louis.

“You go in with such great intentions, and Louis was very sweet with me…” she sighed. “But it’s obviously very complicated, and I stand with the women who came forward… “I think it will be a while before that film can be seen, and I think that’s right.”