Rose Byrne praises Simon Baker for helping her through bird scene

Rose Byrne has praised Australian actor Simon Baker for helping her face her fear of birds when she was forced to work with doves in British comedy I Give It A Year. The Bridesmaids star discovered her phobia on the set of the film when Baker’s character attempts a big romantic gesture, and she could only marvel at her co-star’s calmness as the creatures flitted above their heads.
She tells WENN, “I was terrified. I’m not good with birds. I didn’t realise how close the proximity was and I was a mess! The scene was hijacked by my fear. It turned what was supposed to be a really romantic scene into real hell!
“Simon was unflappable. He had the birds landing on his head and he didn’t break a sweat. No one was pooped on, but I was so jumpy. It was awful.”