Russell Brand: ‘I’m ready to die for revolution’

Comedian Russell Brand has vowed to lay down his life in his battle for a political revolution. The outspoken star has caused controversy in recent months by revealing he has never voted in a U.K general election and urging his fellow Brits to stop casting ballots in a bid to overthrow the political system. Now Brand has spoken out again to insist he is deadly serious in his demands for change and would make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. He tells Britain’s Guardian Weekend magazine, “I want to address the alienation and sense of despair that you see all around us. Everyone’s f**ked off, everyone’s had enough, so it doesn’t matter to me how much people have a go at me, because I live in the world and walk around, and people are going, ‘Well done, Russell, well done, son.’ I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready to die for this. Yeah, I’m ready to die for this… “It doesn’t have to be through rioting. It can be through total disobedience, non-payment of taxes, non-payment of mortgages.” Insisting he will never give up in his drive for political modernisation, Brand adds, “I’d rather die. I’d rather die than go back to the dark.”