Russell Crowe bought dinosaur skull from Leonardo DiCaprio

Russell Crowe once bought a dinosaur skull from his The Quick & The Dead castmate Leonardo DiCaprio.
The Gladiator star reveals he was hanging out with his fellow Oscar winner when The Revenant actor told him he was looking to sell an odd keepsake after deciding to bid on another one at an upcoming auction.
“There was a bunch of vodka involved in that transaction,” Crowe told radio host Howard Stern. “I said, ‘I’ll buy it! How much do you want for it?’ He was pretty cool about it. He said, ‘Just give me what I paid for it’. I think he paid, like, $30, $35 grand for it.
“I bought it for my kids. I cut myself a little bit of slack… My kids, particularly my eldest, were fascinated. They were into dinosaurs. Here’s one for the playroom!”
Crowe made a profit on the purchase last year (18), selling the Mosasaur skull for close to $45,000 (£35,500).