Russell Crowe feuds with reporter after rugby gaffe

Hollywood actor Russell Crowe labelled an Irish reporter a “plonker” following an awkward interview at a movie premiere in which the star lectured her about rugby rules. The Oscar-winner was interviewed by journalist Niamh Walsh at the Dublin screening of his biblical blockbuster Noah on Saturday (29Mar14) and he grew visibly frustrated when she asked a question about his favourite sport and confused rugby league with the rugby union style of playing.
In video footage, Crowe is seen schooling the reporter on the rules before cutting the interview short when she asked about his recent comments which appeared to suggest he believed Ireland to be a part of the U.K.
However, the feud was later revived on after Walsh wrote, “At least I know geography… Ireland is not in the UK. #fearlessjourno.”
The post prompted the actor to retort, “Fearless journo my a**. You’re just a plonker who didn’t get the answer you’d predetermined & you got shirty. Fail… I know Ireland is a sovereign nation. You can imply I don’t love Ireland but it won’t stick, love the place, love the people.”
The reporter ended the argument by writing, “I’d love to hang around on Twitter and reply but I have a life… Off to the cinema… Anything good on? Anyone seen Noah!”