Russell Crowe, Grunts Frontman

“Gladiator” stud Russell Crowe slayed the ladyfolk Friday when he and his rock band performed for a mostly female crowd in Austin, Texas. The Aussie heartthrob and his band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts played a sold-out concert at the watering hole Stubb’s BBQ for an audience of about 2,000.

Crowe is scheduled to perform the next two Fridays. Tickets reportedly sold for as much as $500 apiece last month on eBay.

USA Today compared the band’s “Insider” frontman as “an Aussie John Mellencamp” and reported that Crowed downed a lotta beer during his sweaty set as well as stripped down to a tank top.

Crowe made no mention of supposed lady friend Meg Ryan, but he did dedicate the concert’s opening number, “Other Ways of Speaking,” to his “Flora Plum” director Jodie Foster — who’s also been linked romantically with the actor.