Russell Crowe Hits Back at Co-Star Craig Bierko

Russell Crowe has slammed his Cinderella Man co-star Craig Bierko for claiming
he deliberately blanked him on the Canadian set of the boxing movie.

Bierko, who plays German fighter Max Baer in the new film, recently voiced
his surprise that he hardly knows Crowe, despite working alongside him for a

He said, “I don’t know him from Adam. There was literally not a single moment
where I felt like we were actually bonding, or having a conversation.”

But Crowe blames the distance between them on the quality of Bierko‘s
acting. He says, “Craig Bierko has an imagination. His recollection of the experience
is significantly different from anyone else’s.

“I spent my 40th birthday party on a satellite connection with my wife and
child in Australia. Sorry I didn’t invite Craig. I didn’t think it was

“The fact is, he hadn’t done enough work and he had to be drilled and
drilled, and brought up to where we needed him to be – because if Max Baer
isn’t frightening and isn’t capable, then we don’t have much of a movie.

“Craig has never been in this kind of situation before. It has never been
required of him to put this much work and this much of himself into a role.

“He didn’t realize what he was getting into… He realized afterwards.”

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