Russell Crowe’s Lawyers Seeking Reduced Charge

Hollywood hardman Russell Crowe has instructed his lawyers to seek a reduction
of the assault charge he faces for allegedly throwing a phone at a New York
City hotel employee.

The Oscar-winning actor was arrested and charged with felony assault when
Nestor Estrada accused Crowe of assaulting him with the faulty handset during a
heated argument in June.

If convicted, the 41-year-old could face up to seven years in prison and lose
his right to work in the U.S., so he desperately hopes the charge will be reduced
to a less serious misdemeanor offense.

Any conviction would cause Crowe immigration problems, but he is looking to
soften the impact as much as possible.

He says, “Every time I apply for a visa, it’s like you need to bring a
suitcase [containing the necessary documents] into the embassy. So to add this
charge, even as a misdemeanor level…basically stops me getting certain
types of visa.”

If he is convicted on all charges, Crowe intends to remain in his native
Australia where he lives with his wife Danielle and baby son Charlie.

He says, “If I’m an international menace like the [prosecuting] attorney is
suggesting, then fine. I’ll just stay here.”

Crowe will appear in court in November.

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Meanwhile, Crowe has reportedly warned he will turn his back on
the U.S. for good if he is found guilty of assault.

Crowe admits he would be glad to see the back of Hollywood after the way
he has been treated regarding the alleged incident.

He tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, “Maybe it’s better I don’t
travel to America. Maybe it’s better I don’t work in the area of the business
that attracts so many flies.

“You tell me to p**s off too many times and I probably will.”

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