Ryan, Quaid: To Divorce or Not to Divorce?

Will they or won’t they? Are they or aren’t they? Yes or no? Wassup? We’re talking about Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid. We’re talking about their divorce. Or not. Or maybe.

See, Inside.com brings up some very interesting info today. The Web site says it’s ventured down to the clerk’s office at Los Angeles County Superior Court and found out that on Aug. 14, Ryan responded to Quaid‘s divorce petition and filed her own request for a divorce from the “Innerspace” star.

That would seem to indicate that rumors of the A list couple’s reconciliation were greatly exaggerated because Ryan‘s petition came less than a week after Ryan and Quaid were seen necking on a public street in Santa Monica, Calif., and just a few days before British tabloids said Ryan had dumped Russell Crowe and was returning to her hubby.

More on this important story as it develops.