Safety inspectors give Spider-Man the all clear

Investigators spent much of Wednesday (22Dec10) and Thursday (23Dec10) sweeping through the show’s safety precautions and now DoL bosses insist they’re happy that the show is safe.

Stunt double Christopher Tierney was taken to hospital with broken ribs and internal bleeding after falling from the stage on Monday. Producers insisted human error was to blame for the accident. Tierney was the fourth cast member injured since the show opened.

DoL director of safety Maureen Cox says, “At this point we are satisfied they (producers) have put in place the appropriate controls. We’re also making sure that the actors and the stagehands know that if everything is not right, they can say, ‘We’re not going to go.'”

The investigators have recommended that more stagehands are hired to make sure all safety harnesses for actors and stunt doubles onstage are checked before showtime.