Sam Smith celebrates body positivity with ‘naked day’ post


Sam Smith has encouraged his many fans to embrace their bodies in a candid social media post.

The singer took to Instagram on Wednesday (03Apr19) to share the uplifting message, which he accompanied with caption “#NAKEDDAY”.

In the picture posted to the picture-sharing app, the Stay with Me hitmaker is topless and staring straight into the camera with a cheeky pout.

Sam’s image also features a set of empowering words from the star, in which he opened up about his lifelong struggle with body image.

“For my entire life I have always hated being naked,” he confessed. “Today I decided to have a naked day and spend the day in my room and watch TV and read and eat what I want and just celebrate this bod.”

Sam went on to suggest that practicing self-love is the ultimate act of therapy, and encouraged his fans to do the same.

“It has been so empowering and wonderful and f**king FUN,” the 26-year-old wrote. “I think everyone should have a naked day once in a while and celebrate that beautiful human body of yours.


The Dancing With A Stranger singer rounded off the post with a string of emojis, including a heart, peach and aubergine.

Sam had previously stripped down to his underpants for a series of posts on Monday for his Instagram Stories, where he encouraged fans to do the “bloat dance,” as he shimmied to Demi Lovato’s hit Sorry in just a pair of shorts.

He also posted a snap of himself kneeling in front of a mirror in a pair of white Calvin Klein pants and white socks, with the caption “Bond girl”.