Sandra Bullock Uncensored

Ever heard of a little straight-to-video film called “Fire on the Amazon”? If not, we can tell you this much at least: Sandra Bullock is in it — and she’s naked a lot of the time.

Still reading? Or are you already driving to the video store to pick up a copy?

The flick, directed by Luis (“Anaconda”) Llosa and shot during Bullock’s pre-“Speed” days in 1993, was never released theatrically in the United States due to wranglings over its MPAA rating due to sexual content.

But, thanks to the wonders of home video, the film was recently released on DVD and VHS, proudly bearing its NC-17 rating.

And, according to a report this week in the Toronto Sun, Bullock is angry about the film’s release. She’s not angry because the film stinks, but “… mostly it’s because she is buck naked and locked in an exceptionally explicit, doggie-style, simulated sex act” with fellow actor Craig Shaffer while tripping on hallucinogenic drugs, the newspaper reports.

The film is described as some sort of eco-conscious yarn about saving the rain forest. But then, we didn’t think you really cared about that anyway.