Saoirse Ronan Wants to Do More Than Just Work in 2018


Actress Saoirse Ronan is determined to take more time off to enjoy life in between movie projects.

The 23-year-old has been a regular in Hollywood since breaking into the industry as the Oscar-nominated child star of Atonement in 2007, and she is currently busy on the promotional trail for her new critically-acclaimed movie, Lady Bird.

However, Saoirse admits she isn’t very good at separating her personal and professional life when she’s in the middle of filming, and her laser focus often impedes her ability to do anything other than work.

“I’ve always loved (acting) so much but it’s all I’ve ever known. And I had a panic recently where I thought I’ve got to go do other things,” she tells The Associated Press. “I’ve got to go travel. I even find when I’m working, I can’t read, I can’t watch TV, I can’t do anything. I guess I can listen to podcasts, but I can’t really be stimulated by anything other than the projects. Your world becomes so small.”

The Irish actress is slowly learning to take more time to focus on her personal happiness, and she recently enjoyed a long break before throwing herself into historical film Mary Queen of Scots.

“Last year, I took six months off before Mary, which is the best thing I could have done,” she says. “It just reminds you that there is a world out there beyond what we’re doing.”

In the forthcoming period drama, Saoirse portrays Mary Stuart, who took to the throne in France at just 16 years old before reigning over Scotland for almost 25 years until July, 1567. Mary Queen of Scots, set for release in November, 2018, co-stars Margot Robbie as Queen Elizabeth I, Mary’s cousin, who ruled over England.