Sarah Harding clashed with producer boyfriend during studio sessions

British pop star Sarah Harding struggled to work with her boyfriend after they teamed up on her new solo material. The former Girls Aloud singer is striking out alone following the band’s split last year (13) and she enlisted the help of her producer beau Mark Foster.
They worked on three tracks together at Harding’s English countryside home, but the singer admits they continually clashed over “creative differences”.
She tells the London Evening Standard, “Much of it I recorded from my house. Mark being a producer as well, we’ve got a little set-up in one of the spare rooms which we’ve turned into a studio.
“We don’t work well together though. We have creative differences, to say the least. It’s good, but we’ve got to try and maintain each other’s roles. If I start trying to produce, it really p**ses him off, and vice versa.”
Harding showcased the new tunes at a charity event at Kensington Palace in London on Friday (21Mar14).