Sarah Jessica Parker channels Carrie Bradshaw for Fendi bag campaign


Sarah Jessica Parker has revived alter-ego Carrie Bradshaw for a new Fendi Baguette bag campaign.

The Italian fashion house has recently reissued its famous Baguette, a favourite of Sarah’s Sex and the City character. The new bag was unveiled at Fendi’s Spring/ Summer 19 Milan Fashion Week Show in September to much fanfare, and now a campaign has been rolled out to go with it.

As well as a series of still images for the #BaguetteFriendsForever adverts, Fendi also debuted a video on its official Instagram account, with Sarah guest-starring as her most famous alter ego.

In the clip, four friends, including influencer Caroline Daur and model Ebonee Davis, lust over Fendi’s new purple sequin Baguette, and race across New York to try and get Caroline one.

As they run into the Fendi store on Madison Avenue, they see the bag has gone, and ask the shop assistant where it is.

“I’m sorry, someone just bought it,” the Fendi worker says to the four friends, who pile out of the shop and try to see the mystery shopper.

“Ma’am wait. Ma’am I need that bag!” Caroline calls out to the back of the shopper’s head.
“Oh, this isn’t a bag. It’s a Baguette,” the actress says as she spins around with her classic Carrie smile.

The Baguette regularly featured during Sex and the City’s six-year run, including when Carrie’s purple, sparkly version gets robbed during season three and later in the season when Kim Cattrall’s character Samantha Jones buys a fake one.

Sarah even wrote the foreword for the 2012 Fendi Baguette book.