Sarah Jessica Parker raves about Obama on TV

The fervent Democrat, who recently hosted a fundraiser for the incumbent, filled up her appearance on Access Hollywood Live with political talk as she raved about Obama and took aim at his chief rival, Republican Mitt Romney’s tax and pro-life plans.

She said, “The only reason I care – it has nothing to do with me and my personal state, because I would benefit from the things that are most important to Romney… – but I am concerned about the greater good for this country.

“I’m simply concerned about equality and women’s rights in terms of their physical autonomy and access to important things like mammograms and screenings for cervical cancer – all the things that are necessary and important to live full rich lives.”

But Parker insists she won’t be moving abroad if Romney and the Republicans win the election on 6 November (12), adding, “I do not give up on this country, I do not give up on the system that we have, flawed or not.

“But I would feel enormous despair for the future of this country… I could not be more serious. I think there is too much at stake for people that matter.”