Saunders cheated death in stair fall

The Absolutely Fabulous star, who overcame a breast cancer battle last year (10), sustained a nasty head injury during the recent accident after falling over while walking her dog in the early hours of the morning.

Saunders checked into hospital after realising the extent of her injuries and is relieved she didn’t suffer any permanent damage.

She explains to Woman’s Own, “I’m amazed I didn’t die. I was walking the dog at around 1.30am having had people round for supper. I’d had a little wine but not a lot and, while the dog was sniffing around a lamppost, I thought, ‘I’ll lean back on these railings.’

“A gate to someone’s basement swung open and I fell backwards down two flights of concrete steps. I whacked my head so hard but didn’t fall unconscious. When I got back my white dress was covered in blood. I’d split my head open at the back and had to go to hospital to have it glued. I was all right once I’d got over the pain.”