Scarlett Johansson got Hitchcock tips from Jamie Lee Curtis

The Avengers star was keen to make sure her latest role in the upcoming film, which examines the story behind the Alfred Hitchcock horror classic Pyscho, was as accurate as possible, but there was no way to meet with and study Leigh because the movie icon passed away eight years ago.

So Johansson called upon her actress daughter for advice on how to get into character.

She tells U.S. breakfast show Today, “I just think more than anything it must be very strange to have somebody play your mother, and especially someone as beloved and celebrated as Janet. I just wanted to reach out and Jamie was lovely, she sent beautiful photographs and gave me some wonderful stories.”

Lee Curtis recently saw the finished product and praised the 28 year old’s ability to capture her mum’s “sweetness”, and Johansson admits she could receive no greater compliment.

She adds, “As an actor, it’s the most rewarding thing you could hear. It was such a wonderful communication that I was fortunate enough to be able to have, and of course Janet was first and foremost a loving, loving mother and wife and she (Jamie Lee) reiterated that.”