Scorsese lands Hennessy cognac deal

The Scorsese game was introduced at the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards by Bridesmaids stars Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy, who suggested everyone should take a swig of alcohol throughout the awards season whenever Scorsese’s name came up.

And now the moviemaker has joined Erykah Badu to promote Wild Rabbit.

Scorsese admits he jumped at the chance to promote his favourite cognac, revealing he uses it to open up conversation when he’s at important business meetings.

He tells, “Over the years, Hennessy Cognac has become a ritual with me. Particularly if I’m travelling or meeting other filmmakers. It opens up a conversation and I do need to talk to people who generate ideas.

“It’s interesting because you nurse the drink – it’s the aroma and the holding of the glass.”

And the director admits he was flattered when the Bridesmaids stars turned his name into a drinking game: “I’m a little too old for the drinking game part of it, but if you’re going to play, you’ve got to do it with Hennessy. The only way to go! But nurture it. Sip, sip, think, talk. That’s the thing too – it’s all about taking time.”