Scott Weiland look-alike fronted tribute band

The Scott Weiland look-alike who fooled Los Angeles police into thinking he was the real rocker, used to front a Stone Temple Pilots cover band. Jason Michael Hurley was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and shoplifting razors last month (Jul14), and told police he was Weiland.
The news that the former Stone Temple Pilots frontman has been behind bars for weeks hit the media last week, prompting police chiefs to double check their facts – only to discover they had incorrectly identified the man arrested.
Now, Alternative Nation is reporting that Hurley had experience acting the part as Weiland – he once fronted a tribute band named Stone Tempered Pilots.
The real Weiland has responded to false reports about his arrest and incarceration, stating, “I just got done (sic) reading something very interesting, a nice piece of fiction from TMZ, saying that I was in jail and had been for four (weeks). I’ve actually been touring, writing and recording my new album. Yeah, this is the studio we’re in right now. So all I have to say to our fans is whether you find it funny or interesting or whether you’re sad, don’t worry, don’t fret, it’s a lie. TMZ, you’ll be hearing from my attorneys.”
Police bosses performed a “physical check” when the story about Weiland’s arrest first appeared and they confirmed the rocker was in their custody, but they later issued an apology after performing an FBI fingerprint check.