Sean Paul hoping to make beautiful music with Becky G

Hip-hop star Sean Paul is brushing up on his Spanish-language skills for another planned collaboration with Becky G.
The Jamaican emcee teamed up with the Latina and DJ David Guetta on his new dance track Mad Love, which was released last week (ends16Feb18), and now he hopes to make more music with the pop star.
“(I’m) not (planning) an album but some of these singles, like the Becky one, we’ll probably do a Latin rendition in terms of me speaking Spanish,” he tells Billboard, before lamenting about allowing his Spanish skills to fade over the years. “Mi amor. Ay Dios mio. (My love, oh my God!) I should have paid more attention to my Spanish in school.
“When I first had a hit in the Latino market I could have shot myself in the foot about it. I was like, ‘Damn, I wish I had done more to learn the language’.”
Sean Paul has featured on several bilingual tracks, such as a remix of Enrique Iglesias’ Bailando and Puerto Rican star Farruko’s Passion Whine.
In addition to laying down more Latin tracks, he is also interested in making more jams with female musicians.
“A lot of my songs are about love,” he smiles. “They’re about having a good time. So it’s natural. When I party, I party with the ladies. I’ve done songs with other artists before, like Enrique and Daddy Yankee, but the songs that do phenomenal for me are songs with females.”
Ans he has high hopes for Becky G, adding, “I’m really proud of the way she’s been stepping up. She’s somebody who’s a triple threat – she can dance, she can sing, she can spit lyrics out.”