Seinfeld bars press from Boston performance

Jerry Seinfeld‘s request that reporters and TV news crews keep away when he makes two appearances in Boston’s Wang Theatre Thursday has evoked both support and criticism from other stand-up comics currently performing in Boston, the Boston Herald reported Wednesday. Lenny Clarke, a cast member of ABC’s The Job, told the newspaper that trying out new material is “a scary, scary proposition,” especially when a comic has not been working in front of an audience regularly. Anthony Clark of CBS’s Yes, Dear remarked, “His [stage] show is basically a work in progress from the get-go, and that takes even more time to figure out the perfect flow and segues.” But Tony V, who appeared on a Seinfeld episode, indicated that while he felt some sympathy for Seinfeld’s “no press” stand, “at some point you have to say, ‘C’mon, man, get over it.’ It’s not like some network exec isn’t going to offer him a new show because he got an unflattering review in Boston.”