Seth Rogen pokes fun at Lohan’s sex list with his high times pals

Actor Seth Rogen has poked fun at a new tabloid article which lists Lindsay Lohan’s alleged sexual partners by offering up a bizarre collection of celebrities he has smoked weed with. In Touch magazine reporters claim to have stumbled across the list of stars Lohan has bedded and they’ve published the note – said to be in the Mean Girls star’s own handwriting – in the latest issue of the publication.
Blotting out 18 names that could land the magazine in legal trouble, the list includes stars like Justin Timberlake, “Zack Effron”, Colin Farrell, Heath Ledger, James Franco and Adam Levine, among others – but doesn’t include her former partner Sam Ronson.
A Franco also features on Rogen’s list of all the stars he enjoyed high times with – James’ actor brother Dave.
During a recent appearance on U.S. TV show Watch What Happens Live, the Pineapple Express star reeled off a countdown of people he’d allegedly smoked marijuana with.
His checklist also included Paul Rudd, Snoop Dogg, comedienne Sarah Silverman and Jonah Hill.
Rogen also revealed he and his Guilt Trip co-star Barbra Streisand “talked about it a lot”, adding she revealed she had “smoked weed with Peter Sellers.”