Seth Rogen Struggled with James Franco’s Method Acting on The Disaster Artist


Seth Rogen “couldn’t deal” with James Franco’s method acting during the first few days of filming The Disaster Artist.

Seth produces and appears in James‘ upcoming biographical comedy film, which is based on the same-titled book by actor Greg Sestero about the making of cult classic movie The Room.

The Spider-Man actor can also be seen in The Disaster Artist as Tommy Wiseau, the man who helmed and fronted the flop of a film with a budget of $6 million back in 2003, and to ensure he portrayed the quirky filmmaker accurately James stayed in character throughout the whole shoot, which involved a long black wig and strong Eastern European accent.

“I couldn’t deal with it, straight up, for the first two days,” Seth recalled during a discussion at the Directors Guild Of America in Los Angeles over the weekend (07-08Oct17). “People would come up and ask me, ‘Where’s James?’ And I was always like, ‘He’s right f**king there!'”

Seth stars in The Disaster Artist as script supervisor Sandy Schklair, while James‘ brother Dave portrays Greg, his wife Alison Brie plays Greg’s girlfriend Amber and Zac Efron plays The Room character Chris-R.

And there were other visitors to the set during production, including one of Seth’s elderly relatives.

“My grandmother came out and she just did not get what the f**k was happening,” he sighed. “She was walking around like, ‘I thought James was in the movie?’ I never explained it to her.”

Bryan Cranston, Kristen Bell, J. J. Abrams and Tommy himself are just a few of the cameos who pop up in the film, though the elusive filmmaker wasn’t convinced that James was the best person to play him at first.

“I was his second choice,” James grinned. “He wanted Johnny Depp… I think Tommy really thinks he is James Dean.”

The Disaster Artist hits cinemas in December (17).