Seven-year-old Avengers: Endgame star fights back after fan picks on her

Young Avengers: Endgame star Lexi Rabe and her mother have taken her Internet critics to task after one took aim at the seven-year-old for refusing to chat to a fan at a mall in Los Angeles.
Following the encounter, the unidentified troll suggested the little girl should be “trained” at how to act in public.
Lexi’s mum, Jessica, filmed her daughter, who plays Tony Stark’s kid in the latest Avengers film, addressing the drama and posted the video on Instagram.
In it, the little girl says, “I’m just seven years old. Please don’t bully my family or me.”
Mother and daughter appeared on U.S. news show Good Morning America on Wednesday (26Jun19) and opened up further about the controversy, with Lexi stating, “Somebody recognised me and I was just, like, playing with my brother.”
Her mother added, “I don’t know why you need to get mad at us because we’re not available. We are normal people, we have busy lives like everybody else.”
Jessica is using the drama to educate her daughter, adding, “I’m just trying to have her understand that the power that she has… she has a voice and it can be used for good. People pick on famous people and they don’t think they’re real people.”
And Lexi, who also appears in the new Godzilla movie, closed out the new TV interview by stating, “You expect me to be a robot. I’m not a robot. I’m not all fancy at all. I’m just a normal kid.”