Sex abuse lawsuit against Gary Goddard dismissed

The sex abuse claims against Broadway producer Gary Goddard have been dropped by accuser Michael Egan. The lawsuit was filed against Goddard in April (14) accusing him and three other men of sexually abusing Egan in Hawaii in 1999, when the plaintiff was still a teenager.
Goddard denied the claims and filed a motion for the legal action to be dismissed in May (14), providing evidence to prove he was not in Hawaii at the time the alleged incidents took place.
On Saturday (28Jun14), Egan’s lawsuit was dismissed.
Hollywood executives Garth Ancier and David Neuman had similar sex abuse lawsuits from Egan dismissed earlier this month (Jun14). Egan still has a lawsuit pending against X-Men director Bryan Singer, who filed a motion for dismissal in May (14).
Goddard is still fighting a separate sex abuse lawsuit, which was filed by an anonymous British plaintiff in May (14).