Seymour: ‘Wrinkles have boosted career’

The former Bond girl, who turns 60 next week (15Feb11), refuses to smooth out her fine lines with facial-freezing injections and insists her natural appearance appeals to directors looking to cast older women.

She tells Good Housekeeping magazine, “Recently I’ve been hired a lot because I’m able to play women who are normal. I think a certain amount of wrinkles show who I am.

“I don’t do Botox or any of that kind of thing. And I don’t obsess over the odd wrinkled brow or laughter line because as an actress it’s incredibly important to have all the pieces moving!

“I think I’m the only woman of my age in the business who has her own face. I take care of my skin and I’m pretty religious about that. I don’t use anything expensive and I know I’m lucky to have good skin.”

And the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman star hopes the Hollywood trend for cosmetic surgery will one day die out.

She adds, “I’m astounded when I watch TV shows and nobody’s face moves, or a newscaster is reading about desperate things happening in the world and her face is completely emotionless.”