Shah Rukh Khan’s premature son suffered health problems

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan’s newborn son suffered “health issues” following his birth as he arrived “several months” early. The actor and his wife, Gauri, welcomed a little boy named AbRam via a surrogate mother in May (13), but the news was only made public last week (03Jul13).
Khan has now opened up about the new arrival, revealing AbRam was born prematurely and the family was in turmoil as the baby battled health problems in hospital.
In a statement, the star writes, “He was born prematurely by several months, but has finally come home (from hospital). Gauri and our whole family have been dealing with his health issues for a long time now.
“As a family, our silence on this subject has been because of the personal nature of emotional strife that we have been going through due to his health.”
Indian authorities have been investigating reports which suggested Khan illegally discovered the sex of his newborn son before the birth, and the star has now vehemently denied the allegation.
He adds, “Just to put the record straight there was no sex determination for our child. The baby was born much before the speculation of ‘sex determination’ and other ‘issues’ pertaining to the same were being raised in the media.
“Suffice to say his coming home (from hospital) puts to rest completely false and at times insensitive claims of sex determination and alleged illegalities.”
Prenatal testing to discover a baby’s gender is banned in India to prevent the abortion of female fetuses in favour of male children.