Sharon Stone: ‘It was a relief not to be sexy in Lovelace’

Sharon Stone relished playing Amanda Seyfried’s mother in explicit new movie Lovelace as there was no pressure to look sexy for the camera. Seyfried bares all in the biopic for her role as prolific porn star Linda Lovelace, who shot to fame after the release of 1973 movie Deep Throat, while Stone portrays her mother Dorothy Boreman.
The 55-year-old Hollywood veteran admits she enjoyed relinquishing her sex symbol status as it meant she didn’t have to worry about her appearance.
Stone tells the New York Daily News, “I have to say, you don’t have to sleep as early. You don’t have to worry how you look when you roll out of bed in the morning and that’s kind of nice. It’s kind of nice to not have to feel ‘If I don’t get to bed right now, when I get up, what if I look a little puffy?'”
The Basic Instinct bombshell, who famously bared all in the raunchy 1992 movie, refused to pass on any words of wisdom to Seyfried.
She insists, “I don’t think it’s appropriate to advise another actor about their part. But I did enjoy speaking with her and I did enjoy playing her mom and I did feel maternal towards her while we were shooting.”