Sheen ‘crucified’ in Easter play finale

The star returned to his native Port Talbot, Wales to lead a marathon production which reinterpreted the Passion of Jesus Christ to mark Easter weekend (22-24Apr11).

Sheen remained in character as he was “baptised” in icy waves at the local beach and slept rough on a mountain on Friday (22Apr11).

The following day (23Apr11), he dined on a “last supper” of beer and sandwiches at a local club, where rock band Manic Street Preachers played, before Sheen was “arrested” and hauled to a police cell.

On Easter Sunday, the actor wore a crown of thorns and was covered in fake blood as he hauled a crucifix to a traffic roundabout by the seafront for the dramatic climax. He was then resurrected, only to declare his need of a shower.

John McGrath, artistic director of National Theatre Wales, insists the project was a huge success for the thousands who took part.

He says, “It’s absolutely fantastic – the whole town understood it and got the bug. And they’ve rushed out again after finding their home town all over the nation’s front pages – it’s a real sense of celebration. It’s exceeded everybody’s expectations – it’s caught the mood of the moment and has even been on the news in Australia. It’s created a real sense of pride among people in this town.”