Shia LaBeouf to Spend a Month in Isolated Cabin for Latest Art Stunt


Shia LaBeouf is planning to spend a month alone in a cabin in Finland from Wednesday (12Apr17).

The Transformers actor and members of his art collective, Nastja Sade Ronkko and Luke Turner, will each spend the duration of their month-long performance art piece in three separate cabins unable to contact each other in the remote region of Lapland.

All three men will be isolated from the outside world and will only be allowed to communicate by text with visitors of the Kiasma museum in Helsinki, where a small log cabin has been build. The trio will be able to view a video link of the gallery’s cabin and the public can speak directly to them and they can only respond by text.

“#ALONETOGETHER weaves a virtual link between Kiasma’s visitors and the artists,” the museum’s website reads. “From 12 April 2017, LaBeouf, Ronkko & Turner will spend a month in three remote cabins somewhere in Lapland, entirely cut off from other people. A video link to a small cabin installed in the gallery is their only point of contact with the outside world.”

Their text communication will be displayed on a live stream of the gallery’s cabin on the museum’s website.

This is the group’s latest stunt since their anti-Donald Trump protest piece, titled HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US, began in January (17) outside New York City’s Museum of the Moving Image. The project, which was recorded on a live webcam feed, was supposed to run for four years, the duration of Trump’s presidency, but it was shut down in New York, then Albuquerque, New Mexico and again in Liverpool, England, which was halted in March (17).

The 30-year-old was arrested during the New York stint for misdemeanor assault following an altercation with a male attendee. The charges were later dropped.

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