Sick George Cole embroiled in planning dispute

The wife of British actor George Cole has blamed an ongoing planning dispute for the TV veteran’s health troubles. Minder star Cole and his wife Penny are furious over the decision to construct a saw mill next to their home in Oxfordshire, England and are among a number of local residents who have launched legal action in a bid to stop the project.
Penny has now revealed her husband has been suffering poor health recently, and she is convinced stress from the dispute is adding to his woes.
She tells Britain’s Daily Mail, “This is the last thing we need. It has made us both unwell. George has fallen and knocked himself and is on hefty medication for other health problems. This is shaking what he values. He has always been very quiet and needs peace and quiet. Otherwise he wouldn’t have lived here for 70 years. This is our safe place and suddenly it isn’t any more.”