Sick Kate Nash cancels festival appearance

British singer Kate Nash cancelled an appearance at a U.K. music festival over the weekend (01-02Jun13) after falling sick with strep throat. The Foundations hitmaker was due to sing at the Wychwood Festival in Cheltenham, England on Saturday (01Jun13), but she was taken ill on the day before the show and cancelled her set just hours before she was due on stage.
Nash insists she was ordered to axe the performance following an emergency appointment with her doctor.
In a post on her blog, she writes, “I am so so sorry to be cancelling this show. I hate doing this & I hate letting you guys down. I never ever do it, always plough through if I’m feeling rough but my body has just broken down or something since getting off this 3 month tour and I haven’t been this sick in years.”
Nash goes on to reveal she is suffering from strep throat, a contagious throat infection, and fears the rest of her summer (13) shows may be in doubt.
She adds, “Turns out I’ve got strep (throat) and have been told it could jeopardise my entire summer. Singing this show & damaging it even more & I can’t risk that (sic). I need to give my body the rest it is demanding. It takes a lot to shut me down & make me give in… so trust me when I say it’s bad. I have chills, leg cramps, my head wants to explode, my ears are attacking me & my throat is unbearable…
“I’ve got antibiotics and am just lying here in bed all day. Hopefully I should be up and about in a few days. Fingers crossed these antibiotics kick in fast.”
Nash is due to perform at Britain’s legendary Glastonbury festival later this month (Jun13) as well as the Reading and Leeds festivals in August (13). She is next due on stage at the Rock Im Park Festival in Nuremberg, Germany on 7 June (13).