Silvio Berlusconi weds for third time – report

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has wed for a third time in a top-secret ceremony, according to reports. The disgraced politician, 77, married 28-year-old TV star Francesca Pascale at a private chapel at his home near Milan last month (Oct13), a friend has revealed during an interview with an Italian radio station.
When asked if Berlusconi was planning to wed Pascale, Marythell Polanco said, “They are already married. It’s not a civil marriage, but Silvio has a chapel in his house. He was able to do it there and no one knows anything about it.”
Berlusconi has been married twice before. He agreed a divorce settlement with his second wife, actress Veronica Lario, last year (12).
Earlier this year (13) he was sentenced to four years in prison for tax fraud, commuted to 12 months community service. He is also barred from holding public office for two years.