Simon Pegg puzzled by Cheese-Roll event he grew up attending

Funnyman Simon Pegg has been forced to rethink the annual Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Roll event in his native Gloucestershire, England after realising the rest of the world pokes fun at locals chasing a wheel of Double Gloucester. The Star Trek actor attended the event every year when he was a kid and had no idea how odd the May Day festivities were until he first arrived in America and it featured on a show about stupid foreigners.
Pegg says, “This programme came on, called Foreigners Are Idiots, or something like that… and there were like Japanese people fighting crabs and I was like, ‘Yeah, foreigners are stupid,’ and then suddenly there was the Cheese-Roll… my kinsmen running down a hill after some cheese and I thought, ‘What were we thinking?’
“They’re trying to ban it because every year somebody is injured really badly… Somebody died once… the cheese bounced off into the crowd and hit somebody in the face and killed them… and it still goes on… It’s ridiculous.”